Black Mirror – Playtest by Verónica Mieres

Black Mirror “Playtest” – by Verónica Mieres If you are looking for an amazing science fiction serie you should watch Black Mirror. All the episodes tell different stories which are related with how technology would change the future in different ways. I recommend to watch “Playtest”, season three, second chapter which is my favourite one. […]

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A huge smile is the key to succeed in life

A huge smile is the key to succeed in life – by Micaela Tagliani That´s a phrase that my grandfather used to tell me all the time. “Do everything with a smile, an love yourself, because the truth is that nobody will love you more than you ever love yourself” My grandad liked telling me […]

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The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game – by Mercedes Lazovich, Nicolás Lazovich and Lucía Duran In our English class we had an outstanding evening watching the very well-known film called “The Imitation Game”. It tells the story of an extraordinary man, Alan Turing, who changes the fate of the Second World War by creating a machine which could […]

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