A huge smile is the key to succeed in life

A huge smile is the key to succeed in lifeby Micaela Tagliani

That´s a phrase that my grandfather used to tell me all the time. “Do everything with a smile, an love yourself, because the truth is that nobody will love you more than you ever love yourself”

My grandad liked telling me stories and playing with me, but what made him special and different from the rest, was that he was always helping other people and trying to find solutions to everything. He encouraged me to do many things, because he thought that if you could imagine something, you could do it. I also admired him because he was always trying to improve, because, as he said “a man who is pleased with what he has done, will never become famous for what he will do”.

Besides, he was usually calm, cheerful and honest. So, when O was upset or in a bad mood, I could call him and tell him what was happening to me, and he would give me advice and help me in everything he could. He was like my best friend, although he was 61 years older.

Even though he died a few years ago and he is not physically with me any more, I think he still lives in my heart and he is like an angel in heaven, who guides me and protects me. Because, after all, you only die when you are forgotten, and if you love someone very much, that person will go along with you through the rest of yor life.

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