«Chasing Mavericks» by Cielo Rodriguez Laup

If you are looking for a drama, you should watch «Chasing Mavericks». It transmits you passion for the sport and for the ocean.

It is a biographical drama and sport movie. The Director is Curtis Hanson, the film describes you the life of a very young surfer who becomes famous surfing mavericks at half moon bay, California. Jay, the surfer, asks Frosty, his instructor, to teach him, but these huge waves are a secret.

The film features are very good although it isn´t a new film. Jonny Wetson is the main character, who plays the role of Jay Moriarty. His mum, Kristy Moriarty, is a drunk. Frosty, the man who made Jay´s achievement possible, was played by Gerard Butler.

But it is not just the characters personality and their solidarity, which make the film great. The landscape is fantastic, the ocean and the village are beautiful. The sound of the sea and the waves are real and marvellous. If you love surf, watch «Chasing Mavericks». I can reccomend it. To my mind, it is the best movie I have ever seen.

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