FCE Students learning about Emotional Intelligence

In our FCE lessons there is also room for fun and action so as to trigger our Emotional Intelligence. Here are some pictures of us working in an activity which revolves around our capacity to see the good in us and others. This ‘game-like’ activity consists of each person walking about the classroom and coming across each other only to mutually and in turns say what they intuitively can come up with as for special qualities they reciprocally see. Then, that person that received the comments is to embrace the other one in the pair while phrasing out loud: «I am …….» (using the qualities that were assigned to them). And like that, all the students got their qualities and stated those to each other.
This is an exercise which has amazingly great impact on students’ self-esteem, which altogether affects the way they interact with each other and hence effectively learn in class; all of which amount to the importance of focusing on students’ Emotional Intelligence (term coined by Daniel Goleman in 1995) in educational contexts so as to make the most of each teaching and learning experience. Here are some pics of us at work:
Some of the qualities students told to each other were: creativity, honesty, beauty, real friendship, enthusiasm, joy, sweetness, intelligence, spontaneity, freedom, decision, determination, strength, great sense of homour; among others! Hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about our FCE 2016 class.
Thanks for your time 😀
Miss Lorena Bortolussi.
FCE 2016 English Teacher.

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