Art Exhibition – Milo Lockett

Last Friday we went with 7th and first year students to visit Milo Lockett´s art exhibition at Alfredo Cataldos Art Gallery. The aim of the activity was to learn some elements about composition and be able to identify them in the artworks.

Composition elements:

Colours (saturation/ brightness/ warm and cold colours)

Texture (Layers /tactile illusion / surface quality)

Pattern (repetition / shapes /words)

Proportions (sizes / scales )

Contrast (differences / light vs dark)

Shapes (geometric vs. organic – defined vs. natural edges)

Movement (chaos – gravity – positions)

Lines (visual paths – perspective)

Focus (most important – eye path)

We enjoyed the colours, patterns, characters and animals he includes in his pictures. There also were some 3d sculptures with bulls and crocodiles. Some of the students also studied Milo´s biography and told us about his experience and personal information

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